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I was supposed to move to Boston on the 25th... - the daily report
Boston Lesbian Avengers
I was supposed to move to Boston on the 25th...
but my living arrangements fell through!   So, I turn to you.  If you've got any leads on small rooms (or even have a couch I can sleep on, I'll pay for that, too!  Hell, I'll take a spot on the floor at this point.)  Really, I just need to be able to sleep and shower.  I'm supposed to be taking summer classes for my masters program, so it's a little more urgent than just having to move some other point.  

I need a room June 25th through August 20th.  I'm 21 and really easy to get along with.  I'll stay out of your way, won't eat your food and will pitch in with household chores. 

Leave a comment if you know of anything. 

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