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Boston Lesbian Avengers

Boston Lesbian Avengers
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This is the blog of the Boston chapter of the Lesbian Avengers!

The Boston Lesbian Avengers are a direct action, street level advocacy group. We do old-fashioned activism--street theatre, protest, and cultural commentary--and we do other stuff, like publish zines. We also do Escort Support at the Planned Parenthood in Boston on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

For more information, visit the website at http://www.lesbianavengers.org!

A few notes about boston_avengers:

Ads for Boston activist and community events are encouraged. Please, no adverisements for paid services, or spam.

Please use lj-cut tags for long posts. This means posts that fill up most of a computer screen or more. Also, please cut large images, off-topic posts and polls. If you do not know how this FAQ can help.

Please keep in mind that this community is a discussion/announcements/etc. list for the Lesbian Avengers of Boston. Non-Boston people, and non-Avengers are very welcome, but please keep your posts within the interests of the community.

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